ClearNow's Rent Collection Service

Life Would Be Great If...

Each and every month tenant rents were automatically transferred to your checking account.

Just think:

You would eliminate the need to print invoices and rent envelopes and distribute them to tenants.
You would eliminate time spent collecting and depositing checks.
landlord services
Checks would not be "lost in the mail."
landlord services
You would eliminate calls or visits to tenants to learn why their rent is late.
landlord services
Checks would not pile up in your mailbox because you are out of town.
landlord services
Your tenants would not need to remember to pay rent on time, write checks and deliver them to you.

landlord services

"Setting up and using their service proved to be effortless."
Stephen C., San Diego, CA
"Thanks for taking some of the hassle out of managing and owning rental property."
Charly B., New Orleans, LA
"Now we can focus on marketing our properties and worry less about collecting rent."
  - James J., Raleigh, NC

ClearNow is the easiest way to collect rent from tenants.

Rents are automatically withdrawn from tenant bank accounts and directly deposited into your property's checking account. Direct rent deposits are automatic, electronic rent payments through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) payment network. The ACH network is the most widely used, bank-based electronic funds transfer network in the United States. It is the payment network that is used to transmit payroll for millions of employees through direct deposit. The ACH network is safe, reliable and inexpensive.

There is no guarantee tenants will have sufficient funds to cover their rent. However, with direct rent deposits, you will know of insufficient funds quickly - far sooner than with paper checks.

ClearNow starts at $14.95/month for the first tenant. Each subsequent tenant is just an additional $2.00/month. There is no cost to your tenants.

For more information or to enroll, call Nathan Burdick at: 212-807-1414 x204
or contact ClearNow.

What are the benefits to tenants?
  • It is FREE & the EASIEST way to pay rent!
  • Saves tenants money & time - no more postage or paper checks.
  • Ensures tenants never forget to pay - debits are automatic every month.
  • It is safe - Federal Regulation E (the Electronic Funds Transfer Act of 1978) protects consumer electronic fund transfers.
What are ClearNow fees?
  • Your first 2 months are FREE! There are NO set-up or enrollment fees.
  • ClearNow fees start at just $14.95/month. This includes the debit for your first enrolled tenant.
  • Subsequent tenants are just an additional $2.00/month. That's it!
How does ClearNow work?
  • After enrollment, tenant bank accounts are debited on your debit day. You may debit tenants on the 1st, 5th, 15th or 25th of the month. Three banking days later, rents are directly deposited to your checking account net of ClearNow fees and a payment report is e-mailed to you.
  • ClearNow processes on banking days (business days that do not fall on US Federal bank holidays), so if the 1st is a Saturday, tenant bank accounts will be debited on the following Monday.
  • The Federal Reserve Bank takes 3 banking days to confirm tenant funds have cleared.
How do I enroll?
  • Enrolling in ClearNow is simple and fast. ClearNow will send enrollment materials to you. Which day would you like to debit your tenants (1st, 5th, 15th or 25th)? ClearNow can send them to you via e-mail (as a PDF file attachment), fax, or regular mail.
  • Complete your one-page authorization form and mail or fax it to ClearNow with your voided check. ClearNow's fax number and mailing address are noted at the top of the enrollment form. Set-up takes one business day as long as all information provided is complete.
How do I get tenants to enroll?
  • Make ClearNow the 1st payment option for new tenants and renewals!
  • Consider rent reductions or gift certificates to encourage tenant enrollments, if necessary.
  • Tenants complete a one-page authorization form and submit it with a voided check to ClearNow.
What happens if my tenant has insufficient funds?
  • ClearNow will notify you and your tenant who is informed to pay rent directly to you - tenant bank accounts will not be re-debited. ClearNow may assess a $15 failed payment penalty to the tenant.
  • Tenant failed payments are reflected in your payment summary report.
Is ClearNow safe?
  • Yes, ClearNow safeguards landlords and tenants through:
    1. Secure technology - ClearNow accounts are password-protected, and all information is encrypted.
    2. Insurance - ClearNow has the necessary coverage to protect its customers.
    3. Referenceable Customers - ClearNow currently serves property managers and landlords in over 36 states. ClearNow will provide customer references upon request.
    4. A record of honesty & integrity - ClearNow is a member of the Better Business Bureau.
How can I reach ClearNow? 101 Fifth Ave    New York, NY 10003 212-807-1414
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